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Your list will love this!
 Proprietary software and training
 Cloud based, access anywhere
 Solid business model, passive profits
 No list, website, or special skills needed
 Works with both free and paid traffic
 Perfect for beginners


Automation comes to the low content market!

With new proprietary cloud software I created, people can make instant low content books.

The low content market is hot!

People are having great success making journals, planners, and other low content books.
But there is one problem. They make them the slow way - by hand. Yikes!

Luckily that burden is now gone, because the Low Content Creation Machine system creates low content via software.

The timing for this is perfect for the busy 4th quarter!

The Power Of Software
Creating low content
Creating low content across two page spreads:
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Video coming

Creating a prompts journal:
Other builders (video coming):
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Earn 50% commission

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Selling points / angles
  • Millions of people shop for low content every day
  • Low Content is evergreen
  • 4th quarter sales really rock (get in now)
  • No cost to publish
  • There is no software like this anywhere
  • Created by a professional software developer with 20 years experience
  • Created by a professional author with years of publishing experience