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Why Low Content?

The Low Content Market is evergreen, in high demand, and buyers make multiple purchases.
There is no limit on how many books you can create and how much you can earn.
Some of the top selling books on Amazon are low content.


Low content books sell throughout the year. There are endless holidays, events, and life situations to create books for.

High Demand

The demand never stops! There are so many people looking for planners, journals, notebooks, and more.

All Niches

Low content applies to every single niche. Whatever you think of, you can create books for it.


Get started today! Low Content Creation Machine creates the books for you! You could be published in the next 24 hours!

Low Content Creation Machine
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Low Content Creation Machine

Awesome features in one complete package

Pre-designed templates

In a rush? Choose from over a dozen pre-designed templates.

Single Page Builder

Build up a customized single page layout. Use it to create any number of pages.

Double Page Builder

Create double paged layouts! Great for designs that span the width of an open book.

Uploading Prompts

Upload a text file (easy to do) and create a prompts book. Works with any number of prompts. Choose from multiple page layouts (Pro level only)

Sections Builder

Insert your text headings into template sections. Great for customization! Use headings with lined areas, checklists, and empty boxes. (Pro level only)

Save Your Templates

Save, edit, and re-use templates you create. (Pro level only)


Paper Sizes

Create books in the following sizes: 8.5x11, 8x10, 7x10, 6x9, 5x8.


Choose from over a dozen built in fonts.


Follow step by step instructions for creating and publishing your low content books.

AS EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

    1. Use the software to create a low content book

    2. Add a cover

    3. Upload to Amazon

Get started today!


  • Software creates books For You
  • Choice of fonts
  • Five paper sizes
  • Enter this lucrative market
  • Full training
  • Dominate niches of your choice


    This is so simple anyone can do it. YOU DON'T NEED:

        Any social media following

        A website

        An eCommerce store

        A list

        Low Content Creation Machine has everything you need!


Limited fast action bonuses

BONUS #1 :

Comic Book Templates

Publish books in the popular blank comic book market.

BONUS #2 :

Canva Tips and Techniques

Use Canva to create covers and graphics

BONUS #3 :

Self Publishing Checklists

Follow these step by step checklists and get it right

BONUS #4 :

Join the Facebook group

Join others and share techniques and other low content items.

Happy customers

What people say about our products

Overall the software is fantastic! I think you have a very valuable product on your hands!
This is an amazing program. So simple and effective.
Got my first sale yesterday! Thanks for all your support.
This software is *fantastic*, and I absolutely love using it.
I am blown away by your product.
Use to take me weeks to put one of these books together. Now it took minutes. Thank you!

Full 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked

I'm 100% confident you will love Low Content Creation Machine!

But if you don't... I'm offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked money-back guarantee


Frequently ask questions

Journals, planners, diaries, appointment books, notebooks, checklists, and more. Essentially books that are not centered around words, but instead are used for keeping track of things.

It doesn't matter. The only thing required is a connection to the internet. This is cloud based - a website on the internet.

It doesn't cost anything. Amazon's Kindle Print platform is free to use. You will need to setup an account on Amazon so you can receive royalties from your book sales.

This is a one-time purchase. The only cost is the price for today's purchase.

Software: This is cloud based software. You can access it from any computer or device that connects to the internet. The software creates low content books. There are PDF files that contain either pre-designed layouts, or layouts you design.
The standard levels allows you to use the pre-designed layouts, and to use the single page builder to customize templates. The pro level gives access to all builders (single page, double page, prompts, sections). Also pro allows you to save and re-use templates you create using the builders.

No! The entire package is described on this page.

Yes, all generated, downloadable content created or provided by the Low Content Creation Machine system is full commercial use. Personal rights are granted for the use of the software and training itself. The software cannot be resold, however the generated content is yours to do as you wish with it.

You have 30 days from your date of purchase to get a 100% refund.

For technical or purchase issues contact the help desk at . For training and general questions, join the Facebook group. The invite for the group is in the members area.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact us

Make your purchase decision wisely!
There is no promise, guarantee, or representation
that you will make any money, or not lose money,
as a result of using Low Content Creation Machine

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